DATES: MAY 16 & 17, 2020,
LOCATION: South Village Town Center – 10712 Meeting Street



Artist Rules & Information

Permitted & Prohibited Items
Handcrafted, artist-made products are welcome at the Festival. The following items are prohibited: any work that artist did not make by hand or is not artist’s own work or the work of a person(s) known to the artists approved of by the Artist Approval Committee. This includes but is not limited to buy-sell, imported items, kit-made or pattern items, mass-produced items, and commercially manufactured items, all of which are prohibited. If prohibited items are found, artist will be asked to leave the Festival and will forfeit all fees. Removal decisions are at the sole discretion of the Event Director. Please do not apply if works include prohibited items described above.

Booth Staffing
Artists must be present and have their booth open for business during all hours of the 2-day event. Artists that pack up early or leave a booth unattended will not be invited back.

Booth Fee
Booth fees are nonrefundable. For returning artists, the fee is $175 per 10’x10’ space. For new applicants, the fee is $200 per 10’x10’ space. If full booth payments are not received on or before April 6, 2020, artists may not participate in the show. Checks should be made out to Norton Commons, LLC.

Booth Set Up & Orientation

Set-up is Friday evening, May 15 from 6pm-9pm, and/or Saturday, May 16 from 7:30am-10am.

• Booth locations will be assigned based upon the order in which applications were received with due regard given to product mix, with an attempt to incorporate reasonable location requests when possible. Event Director has sole discretion in assigning booth locations. Artists who complain about or do not cooperate with regard to booth assignments/locations will not be invited back to the festival and may be asked to leave and forfeit all fees.

• Artists must secure tents and booths with effective weights that are at least 30 lbs. on each leg of the tent. All tents will be inspected for safety and security before the show begins. Participants will not be permitted to participate if tents are not properly secured.

• Electricity will NOT be available and this is an entirely outdoor event.

• Generators are not permitted unless they are whisper quiet, and Event Director must be made aware of and approve generators prior to the show beginning.

• Single spaces are 10’ x 10’.

• Music - There will be live music on the Meeting Street green throughout the weekend. If you do not want to be located near the music, please make note of that in the application.

• Event security will be on-site overnight May 15 & 16.

Norton Commons Art Festival 2020 Application


If you need to submit additional information regarding your products or process, email it along with your application. Photos of your work & process are welcome and highly recommended for first-time applicants. Photos of your process may be required if clarification is needed or desired by the event staff.


By submitting the following application, applicant agrees to abide by the rules and conditions of the Norton Commons Art Festival and agrees not to hold Norton Commons, LLC or any of its affiliates responsible or liable for any injury, accident, damage, loss or theft of goods and/or applicant’s property that may occur related to, in connection with, or arising out of the Festival.

Send completed applications to  by April 1, 2020. Submissions will be reviewed and responded to within ten (10) business days.

After written approval of application is received by applicant Booth payments should be sent to
9418 Norton Commons Blvd. #300,
Prospect, KY 40059


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