Healthy Living: Made Easier in Norton Commons

January 2020

Norton Commons is often recognized for its unique architecture, beautiful park spaces, independently-owned businesses, and family-friendly events. Connecting all those amenities, though, is the neighborhood’s thoughtful design which – among other things – promotes active living through walkability and civic events. If you’re one of the majority of Americans who made a New Year’s resolution to improve your health and wellness in 2020, read on to see why achieving wellness is easier in Norton Commons.

Fishing in Norton Commons

Walkable by Design

Walking in Norton Commons

Norton Commons, a new urban community, is a mixed-use neighborhood built around two vibrant town centers. The South Village Town Center, which is almost complete, is home to dozens of established, well-loved businesses and our traditional South Village Town Square. The North Village Town Center, under construction currently, will showcase its soon-to-be-complete square in the summer of 2020. Surrounding town center businesses in the North Village will be built and occupied shortly thereafter.

Residential properties in Norton Commons are built around the two town centers, and are all within a 5 to 10-minute walk of one or the other. Parks (both large and small), pools, walkways, a community garden, and a wildflower meadow are interspersed throughout the neighborhood, creating common gathering spaces. These common areas play host to various events throughout the year, from concerts to seasonal festivals to street parties and sporting events, all of which encourage residents to get outside and enjoy the neighborhood.

The town centers currently contain over 70 retail, restaurant, and service businesses that cater to residents’ daily needs. Accordingly, it’s entirely feasible to leave the car at home and walk where you need to go. Though a leisurely stroll through the parks is a common (and pleasant) occurrence, walking in Norton Commons can be more than just a pastime. Residents walk or bike from their home to their pharmacy, their doctor, their child’s school, boutiques or restaurants, the coffee shop, or even to their workplace. The close proximity of so many conveniences promotes walking over driving and makes increasing daily activity levels easy.

For residents really wanting to commit to improving their fitness, membership to the neighborhood’s full-service YMCA is often considered the best wellness amenity of all.

Exercise in Norton Commons
Exercise in Norton Commons

The YMCA: Enhancing Your Experience as Your Neighbor

With their convenient location at nearly the center of the neighborhood, creating (and sticking to) a health and wellness routine has never been more accessible as the Y is just steps away from residents’ front porches. Katy F., Branch Marketing Director, says, “walking through the front doors is one of the hardest obstacles for many of our members.” Being located in the neighborhood makes overcoming that obstacle easier as you don’t have to trek across town to get to the gym.

There’s also a great community feel at the neighborhood Y. Many of the staff, volunteers and board members that serve the Y are also residents of Norton Commons, turning a friendly face into a helping hand. While visiting, you may also notice members utilizing the café for meetings for work or for catching up with friends. Many of the members are able to connect socially over a cup of (free) coffee, as well as a workout.

An Active Neighborhood

After checking into the branch, members of the Y may find themselves within the streets of the neighborhood walking or running for their leisure or attending a seasonal group fitness class. Rema P., Healthy Living Director, said, “members love our seasonal CardioFit Class that is held at Oval Park and the Amphitheater; it offers the opportunity for them to experience the neighborhood and to host more individuals in class.”

…For ALL Ages

The partnership between the Y and Norton Commons Elementary School is unique not only to the neighborhood and Greater Louisville area, but also to the nation as a whole. With only a handful of similar collaborations around the country, the YMCA and school are physically connected at the core. This offers multiple opportunities for joint programming including swim lessons for students, a cross country team and STEM courses.

The location also offers an extensive list of activities for Active Older Adults, including:
– Forever Young, a social group
– Low intensity group fitness classes
– Water Fitness Classes

Norton Commons: A Healthier Lifestyle Experience

Between the full-service YMCA, the well-tended parks, the robust events calendar and the easy walkability, the very design of the neighborhood encourages you to get out and get active. And whether you’re a resident or merely curious about the Y, you’re invited to join the Y, where you will find everything you need to find your perfect fit. In fact, now through January 22, 2020, save up to $80 as the Y will waive the Join Fee. Contact Andrea Merritt, Senior Membership Director for more info at 502.882.9622.

However you choose to get active, we wish you the best of luck with those 2020 resolutions and hope to see you around the neighborhood!